Have you ever moved and realized that you left something behind or you can’t find a lot of things in your new house? Well, it happens a lot if you don’t plan ahead and come up with a moving checklist to help you stay organized. By the time you want to move, the assumption is that you have identified a new house in another area, completed your due diligence on security, community policies and found suitable institutions and amenities for your family.

If you have that down, the next step is to start planning how to transport everything from your old house to the new one. Here is a fantastic moving checklist that begins four weeks before the move so that the process is not too slow or too fast:

Week 4

  • If you live in a rental, inform your landlord that you will be moving in a month’s time. Most owners require a month’s notice but if your contract says two months; then it’s important to give notice eight weeks before.
  • Start researching moving companies, get different quotes and read all their requirements and offers.
  • Make a list of what you want to go with and what has run its course. You should not take old stuff that you no longer use to your beautiful new house.
  • Notify your children’s school of the move and get them to prepare transcripts.

Week 3

  • Buy packing material such as boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap and scissors.
  • Book a moving company for the date you want to move.
  • Fill in a leave day form or week at the office, so your employers know in advance.
  • Initiate the process of changing your address officially.

Week 2

  • Get rid of unnecessary stuff by having a garage sale, selling them online, donating to charitable organizations or even giving to your neighbors.
  • Have your car serviced for the long distance road trip ahead.
  • Start packing stuff you don’t often use in boxes and label everything according to the content and the room it’s going.
  • Notify your utility services, government offices and other businesses like the insurance company, bank, laundry service and monthly subscriptions so they can cancel or transfer your services to the new location.

Week 1

  • Call the moving company to confirm the moving date.
  • Use up all the food items in the fridge and pantry and prepare the appliances by emptying gas, oil and cleaning them.
  • Pack an essentials box that has all the delicate and important things you will need when you get there like bulbs, scissors, trash bags, and toolkit. Carry the box in your car instead of putting it in the van.
  • Pack travel necessities like toiletries, snacks, and clothing that you will need during the trip.
  • Have the new house cleaned, walkway ready for the move and utilities running and ready.
  • Pack absolutely everything except one or two clothes and have them labeled correctly.
  • Please note that valuable items like documents, jewelry and heirlooms should be packed in your car.
  • Set the cleaning items aside because you will need to clean after everything is out.
  • Pack everything in one or two rooms and thoroughly clean the other rooms. All the main cleaning of windows, doors, walls, and AC unit should be done during the week.
  • Have any repairs done and remove nails, hooks pictures as well as concealing all dents and scratches with paint and fillers.

Moving day

The D-day is here, and final touches are all that you need. Call the moving company bright and early to confirm time and location. Go through your checklist to see that everything has been done and help the movers to load stuff in the truck. Do a thorough walk-through in the house to ensure nothing has been left behind and then do a final sweep or mop of the floors.

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