With time-consuming court cases and stressful landlord disagreements, it can be daunting to ask for a security deposit back on a house or apartment. Although a Broom Clean condition is all that the law requires for a total amount to be returned, most tenants have no idea how to clean their houses or rental units for inspection. If you’re planning on moving out of your living space and want to get your full security deposit back, we’re here to help! Below are a few tips on cleaning and preparing your home that will cover the basics as well as impress your landlord.

Floors and Surfaces

Your entire home must have clean floors and surfaces to get your full security deposit back. Make sure to sweep all of your rooms to get rid of any dust and dirt and collect all waste into a trash bag. Then, mop all floors to ensure that there isn’t any grime or sticky residue left. If your home has carpet, vacuum each room thoroughly to remove any dust, dirt, or hair. You’ll also need to dust ceiling fans, window frames, kitchen appliances, washer/dryers, and floor moldings as well.


Make sure that are surfaces are wiped down and dust-free.

Forgettable Details

Double check that you’ve cleaned forgettable details that often get overlooked. Wipe down top shelves, curtains, baseboards, faucets, and HVAC units, and check the spaces behind appliances and furnishings as well. Be sure to clean door handles on entrance doors, interior doors, and appliances, as well as doorways themselves. As most people often forget about their home’s outer appearance, and it’s wise to also sweep the driveway, entranceway, porch, steps, and garage.

Extra TLC

While all rooms deserve cleaning attention, be sure to provide extra care to the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms tend to be the messiest in a home and can get the most floor and surface wear and tear. A kitchen usually contains cabinets, drawers, appliances, counter tops, a pantry, a table, and backsplash, which can be time-consuming to clean and will need a lot of elbow grease. Cleaning a bathroom includes making sure that the shower, tub, toilet, sinks, and mirror are spotless and free from any dirt, which can also take up a lot of time.

Between your family, guests, pets, and food, the one thing that requires the most TLC can be a home’s carpeting. And it’s best to make sure that you deep clean a carpet with carpet cleaner or soak in baking soda to lift the various stains and smells.


Spend extra time and care when cleaning your carpet.

Hire a Professional

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to clean your home thoroughly, a professional cleaning service might be the way to go. If you can afford it, a cleaning company will ensure a properly cleaned home and can have the process done quickly and efficiently. Just be sure to research any company that you hire and keep your receipts in a safe place, in the case of any missed details or dissatisfaction with the cleaning service.

Timing Cleaning With Your Out of State Move

During the moving process, there will be lots of extra feet and bodies in and out of your home as things get packed and loaded onto the moving truck. For this reason, Great Guys Long Distance Movers recommends waiting to clean your home until after the movers have come and gone. Not only will you avoid having to clean twice, but it will be much easier to be thorough without furniture and other items cluttering your space. Another perk is that by keeping your cleaning supplies out, you’ll have them with you when you arrive at your new home. Often, there is a 2-3 week lapse between the time your moving company picks up your household goods and delivers them to your new home. During this time, you should have plenty of time to clean your new house for move-in day!

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